Smartest Photobooth Add-on

When you book any of our photobooth packages, you can also get our Virtual Booth as an optional addon!

What is a Virtual Booth?

Who ever heard of a Virtual Booth…  Well – you have now!
A virtual booth is a really nifty set-up we’ve got where you can get your guests to scan a QR code (or visit a website URL that we supply) specific to your event.  They can then take photos and selfies with their smart device, and customise their photos with your personalised event filters, frames, backgrounds and stickers!
Your guests can download their photo to their device, email or share it on social media!
And of course, you’ll get a copy of all the photos too!

But WHY should I get the

Virtual Booth add-on?

  • This option is perfect as a replacement for the old disposable camera’s that people tend to leave lying around at their events – encouraging their guests to take candid shots throughout the night.
  • It’s a super affordable option – much cheaper that purchasing disposable cam’s and having the films developed.
  • Your guests are, without a doubt, going to be taking photos on their phones throughout your event. At least this way – you’ll automatically get a copy of all those photos – so you can print them or add them to your photo collections and have even MORE treasured memories from your event!
  • It’s fun! Let’s face it – everyone loves a photobooth. Everyone loves taking a selfie. So why not make it an intentional element of your event and make the most of it!
Virtual Booth Adelaide Todays Photobooth
How does it work?

It’s pretty easy….

  • We’ll design your customised digital elements in line with your Photobooth Template and your event’s theme.
  • We’ll provide some printed signs / posters for you to place around at your event to encourage your guests to use the virtual booth.
  • Your guests will use the virtual booth at your event, and at the end we’ll make sure you get all of the photos!